Our Process

Benefits of Professional Service & Advice

The Pyle Group - Scotia Wealth Management PeterboroughThe Pyle Group provides you with the expertise and guidance of a professional wealth advisor, with depth of knowledge and experience.

Together with a client-focused team of experts we work with you to design and implement a personalized investment strategy that evolves with you, building a financial partnership for life.

This commitment is built on a series of solid processes.

  • Determine the right fit between your financial needs and the professional services we offer
  • Establish a client service commitment to map out the best way for us to work together
Comprehensive process to understand your:

  • Individual goals & objectives
  • Risk profile analysis:
    • Ability to take risk
    • Risk tolerance
    • Need for risk
  • Time-frame for investing
  • Appropriate and suitable asset allocation
  • Investment policy statement is created for each fee based client
  • Financial planning objectives & strategies

Portfolio Management

  • Expert advice with years of experience
  • Monitor North American & global economic climate and financial markets
  • Provide & analyze industry-leading research
  • Review investment opportunities
  • Decide whether or not to make a security selection for your portfolio

Risk Monitoring

  • Constant monitoring of domestic and global development
  • Ongoing portfolio oversight
  • Portfolio asset allocation reviews
  • Evaluate suitability of each security for your investment objectives and risk tolerance

Wealth Planning

Create, develop & coordinate wealth opportunities based 
on the complexity of your needs, including:

  • Financial planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Private banking services
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax-effective investing
  • Business succession planning
  • Philanthropic giving
  • Ongoing post-trade monitoring on a security & portfolio level
  • Industry-leading trading infrastructure to ensure timely trade execution
  • Best-execution trade facilitation capabilities
  • Quality reporting that meets the highest regulatory requirements
  • Secure online access to account information & statements
  • Provide timely CRA reporting and tax slips for non-registered accounts
  • Full transparency of costs and fees