Get Ready for Another Rotation

September 15, 2017

As much as stocks can give you a bout of motion sickness, the currency market can often be worse.  During the financial crisis and in the initial years after, the US dollar index (or DXY) experienced swings of 15 to 30 percent. After a two-year calm it embarked on a 20 percent climb and just this February it reached its highest level since the end of 2002 at just over 103. It has since dropped more than 10 percent and looks set for another detour. Read More…

How history has contributed to market excess.

September 8, 2017

By now, you are familiar with the phrase that must accompany any advertisement pertaining to investments, that “past performance is not an indicator of future returns”. This is not just a necessary disclaimer, but one of the golden rules of investing. Unfortunately, much of the collective behaviour of hunting for yield stems from individuals and the industry still looking backwards at historical returns as a guide for current strategies.

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