The Loonie’s Flight Is Probably Over

July 7, 2017

One of this summer’s oddities is the difference in official economic opinions between Ottawa and Washington. Where the US has experienced, if anything, a mild deterioration in momentum, the commentary suggests a roaring economy. Yet, here at home, officials have been downplaying Canada’s performance, even though the numbers show the country at the head of the G7 pack. The stronger Canadian dollar might explain the humbleness. Read More…

The Next Fifty Will Be Tougher

June 30, 2017

The Next Fifty Will Be Tougher

I was only four when Canada blew out the hundred candles on its birthday cake and have minimal recollections of the emotions at the time, but there was a positivism that carried through much of the next fifty years. Canada had come into its own and, saddling up with the dominant economy in the world, the future was bright. Today, that partner is looking less dominant and positivism has faded, though it has not disappeared.   Read More…